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Nothing Like Spending the Night in the ER on your Birthday!!!!

Happy Sunday Everyone....

Wow, yesterday was my 57th Birthday!! Oh gosh, I just can't believe it...all in all a great day...other than ending up in the emergency room last night...yes, only me, can land in the ER on her birthday.

Most, of you know that I became disabled in 2008 from a freak accident....have alot of metal in my left leg...herniated disc in neck and back....fibromyalgia......sooooo, after "thinking I could run and help a friend" I thought I had messed up some of the hardware in my leg.

But, after swelling and pain....finally went to ER and after x-rays....thankfully it is just a torn/sprained tendon over the screws in my leg. Back to wearing a walking ortho-boot....foot propped up and resting., I haven't posted anything this week....but, am finishing working on some jewelry and hope to post some new pics the first of the week.....



Do You Receive Samples?

I love opening my mailbox and peeking  inside and seeing what the "sample fairy" has bought me. It is like Christmas, because I forget what I have, every time I receive a sample it is so Exciting....BUT....and I mean BUT......I hate going through ALL the sample sites out there!

And, the is like, I find a wonderful Freebie, and go to click on the link...and then there are PAGES and PAGES of questions to answer....or other offers you have to sign up for to get said sample....every question you can think of from "do you have many pets.....and does my back hurt"!!!!

So, my question to you, my "blogging friends and family"....Do you receive samples? What is your FAV site to order samples from? Do you just fill out all the questions if you really want the sample?

I can't wait to hear from you all...


NEW! Handmade Burlap Purses!

Greetings Everyone,

I hope your weekend has started off wonderful....some of you know that I have been "laid up" as we say down South with a bad back this past week, so just finished putting the finishing touches on my new burlap purses and had pics taken....they are made from old coffee burlap bags....old belts for straps.....and all types of other items for decorations. I hope you like them:

I have several more designs I want to make....really proud of how they turned out. I would love to have any constructive comments, as I would like to be able to sell them at the next big craft show I go to. I can always depend on you!


Deborah! Check them out for YOUR COFFEE NEEDS!

Hi Ya'll,

Okay, for those of you that haven't read my profile, I LOVE coffee!! Do ya hear me.....I always have a cup in my hands.....always have some great Java brewed.....there is just something great about holding that warm, cup in your hands....almost magical! I know that you know what I'm talking about.

Having that cup of wonderful brew in your hands almost makes the every day mundane tasks exciting! AND, the fact that I used to own two coffee shops on St. Simons Island, Georgia...I'm always on the look out for new places to order good coffee from. I have discovered

They have a great assortment of coffees from all over the world.....their prices are great....shipping costs comparable to what I use to pay at the can click on the link below or over at the right of my blog you can click on the icon....

(Although I'm advertising for, the products are great)




Happy Hump Day Everyone.

I have so missed everybody! I have been literally flat of my back for about 4 days....herniated disc at L4 and L5.....on going problem for years...but amdoing so much better now, so.......

I wanted to take the time to tell everyone about a new site I recently started using...Blogsvertise!

It is site where you tell them about your blog, what it is about....things about your Life, things that you do, and they help find partners for you to advertise for. You get to choose what ad's you would like to place on your blog. The pay out rate is of course different for each ad.....I'm taking it slow, as most of you know, I'm still a very young blog...just over a year....and am still very much on a learning curve....but, this site was very easy to follow....forms were easy to understand....

If, you haven't found the right site to receive ads from...check them out:




I hope each one of you have a Blessed and Safe 4th with your loved ones!

Blessings, Deborah

Mermaid Pool Sign!

So, when my sister and brother in law bought their new home 3 years ago, they bought one that had a huge apartment attached where our parents could live. AND, as we are all "water babies", and we are a family that uses ANY reason for a "gathering"....the house had a pool!!! Yea!!

For several weeks now, my brother in law has been asking me to make a simple pool sign with an arrow that he could hang in their sun room pointing the way to the pool......

So, I finally finished it.....used a mermaid and gave her red my sister...his wife...

nothing fancy.....just cute!

They both loved it.....and I can't wait til Thursday to enjoy the pool!



I Need a Blogger Guru!!! Someone Help me with my Blog!

Greetings Everyone this Monday evening...

Ok, here is the deal...I need help with my blog, and I can't really pay anyone for help....I so wish I could and I would pay someone to design me a really new blog page...but, that isn't the budget for someone living on a fixed income.

So, when I set up my blog originally, I used the basic blog templates through blogspot.  Then I discovered Shabby Blogs and Cutest Blog on the Block...and I loved them. I could change my page seasonally, or when ever....but, now, if you look closely at my page you will see that underneath is my Christmas design!

I've done everything to get rid of it...and it will not let me add another design. I wish I could just pay someone but I can't, so if ANYBODY has any advice, please let me know.