Nothing Like Spending the Night in the ER on your Birthday!!!!

Happy Sunday Everyone....

Wow, yesterday was my 57th Birthday!! Oh gosh, I just can't believe it...all in all a great day...other than ending up in the emergency room last night...yes, only me, can land in the ER on her birthday.

Most, of you know that I became disabled in 2008 from a freak accident....have alot of metal in my left leg...herniated disc in neck and back....fibromyalgia......sooooo, after "thinking I could run and help a friend" I thought I had messed up some of the hardware in my leg.

But, after swelling and pain....finally went to ER and after x-rays....thankfully it is just a torn/sprained tendon over the screws in my leg. Back to wearing a walking ortho-boot....foot propped up and resting., I haven't posted anything this week....but, am finishing working on some jewelry and hope to post some new pics the first of the week.....




  1. Hope you had a happy birthday anyway, Deborah!

  2. Happy belated birthday! I hope your sprain heels fast! :-)

  3. Deborah,
    Happy belated birthday and please take good care of yourself so you can get back to doing your favorite things!


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