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OK, so someone had given me a set of old chest of drawers and, I confess, I had left them the weather. I know, how horrible of me. But this weekend I had seen this idea on another blog, so I thought I would give it a try. The drawers were all still in good shape. So , I got one. Mixed up a "flamingo pink" chalk paint. Decoupaged the inside with some great turquoise patterned paper I had...painted the handle a beautiful blue, and I think it turned out pretty good. Hope you enjoy it. Blessings, Deborah

If You Happen to be In My Neck of the Woods

tomorrow, then drop by 605 Community Drive, Waycross, Ga. from 8 to 1. Was supposed to go to a craft show tomorrow but due to unforeseen things, we can't go. SOOOOO, we are having a Craft/Yard Sale. Great gifts for Mother's Day or just for fun. I hope everyone has a great Friday!!! Blessings, Deborah


I just love to make signs....funny signs...serious signs....Signs!  So, I thought I would share a copy pics of some of the new funny ones which I will be taking to a Craft Show this weekend. Enjoy! Blessings, Deborah

Three Sister Mermaids For Sale!!!

My newest vintage painted window. Three Mermaids....sisters, sharing, together. I dedicate this to my sister's Kathy and Rebecca. The Best Friend's A Girl could have. The window is for sale...if interested just let me know. I just LOVE THIS ONE!!! Hope you like it!.
"A Sister is a Forever Friend....You can kid the world, but not your Sister, A Sister is a little bit of childhood that can't be lost"

Blessings, Deborah


So excited and thankful. I have received an offer on the vintage window I posted yesterday!! A lady from South Carolina LOVES it and hopefully I will be able to take it to her on Monday. Folks, ya'll just don't know how BLESSED I feel right now. As I've stated before...I'm no artist. I've had to teach myself how to do things to make ends meet since becoming disabled. Whether that is making my jewelry. crafts...etc. All I've ever wanted to do is bring a little happiness to someone by them enjoying my gifts that I make for them. Just so thankful today, and am working on a mermaid window today. Blessings, to everyone....Deborah


As I've said before, I'm no artist, but I do have fun. So, this morning I thought of an idea for one of my windows. I love the quote, and I wanted to do something whimsical, so I put paint to window, and this is what I got!!! LOL. I hope everyone enjoys it.

I hope yo do several more in a whimsical type of fashion. So, everyone have a great day. Blessings, Deborah

So Thankful Today!!

Last night, we, as a Family, meaning, my Mom and Daddy, one of my sisters, a brother in law, and some GREAT friends , celebrated my baby sister...Rebecca's or as we call her "little red on the head" 43rd BIRTHDAY!! Wow.....can't believe it has been that long since at age 13 woke up that morning to a note from our father that he had taken Mom to hospital to have "the Baby". Last night at their house, we had "FANDAMNTASTIC Southern Mama Made" Low Country Boil"!!! AWESOME!! ANd what is so great is that BOTH our parents are still with us to celebrate such EVENTS of the Minchew Clan. Children, grandchildren alike...Had a Blast!!
I thank MY GOD every day,  that I was born into the Most Amazing Family!! I truly hope that each of you out there today and this coming week, will enjoy each day and BE THANKFUL!! Blessings, Deborah

Weekend Sale!!!!! Look at what is available!!

Happy Friday everyone. Ok, if you live anywhere near South Georgia you know that this weekend is THE BIG Z Sale at Twin Oaks Bluegrass Park!! Wonderful thing to go to...lots of great things. Well, I was out of town last week and forgot to get a booth!  BOO HOO!! So, tomorrow my sister(who recently divorced) is having a Huge Yard Three Dawg Lady Designs will be there. Come by 1404 Tupelo Drive in Waycross, Georgia and say Hi Yall and check out all the great items!! So, I wanted to post some pics of some of the items I will have for sale.
And so much more. I will have Bird's Nest Necklaces and other jewelry. So, please drop by and see me at 1401 Tupelo Drive in Waycross, Georgia. Blessings, Deborah

Week with My Grand Baby Kenzley

Okay, today I have been painting on an old wooden window...have a big sale to get ready for this weekend...but I wanted to share with everyone pictures of my WONDERFUL time with my Grand Baby last week. She is my HEART!!  Blessings, Deborah

Happy Easter and back from trip

Hi everyone. I have been gone a week spending time with my precious grand baby Kenzley. Had a blast with her and my son and daughter in law. I have some wonderful pics I will post later. But, now it is time to get busy with some crafts. My sister and I are combining a huge yard sale into a Craft Sale next weekend here in Waycross...where we live.  So, have more signs to paint....more Bird's nest necklaces to make.....more Diva Glasses to make...OH MY!!! I have a busy week. I hope everyone has a great day and a Blessed Easter. Blessings, Deborah

Good Monday to Everyone!

Wow, last week was long, and emotional, but today starts a new week. I'm leaving tomorrow to go spend the week with my son and daughter in law, and that precious grand baby. But, while in Brunswick...GUESS WHAT??? I'm going to hit up the big Goodwill Store they have there!!!! YEA!!! Also, they have a huge Michale's Store and I can't wait. So, "no telling" what Treasures I will come back with!! I hope to post while gone, but if not, Please everyone Have a Great Week!! Blessings, Deborah

It's Been A Long Emotional Week!!

This week has been long and emotional. On Tuesday morning we found out about the death of one of my daughter's best friends. "They" say it was suicide....and that makes it way hard on everyone left behind. He was only 22 and had TONS of friends that loved him. He left behind a 3 year old daughter. I ask for everyone's thoughts and prayers for his family and his friends. Blessings, Deborah