So Thankful Today!!

Last night, we, as a Family, meaning, my Mom and Daddy, one of my sisters, a brother in law, and some GREAT friends , celebrated my baby sister...Rebecca's or as we call her "little red on the head" 43rd BIRTHDAY!! Wow.....can't believe it has been that long since at age 13 woke up that morning to a note from our father that he had taken Mom to hospital to have "the Baby". Last night at their house, we had "FANDAMNTASTIC Southern Mama Made" Low Country Boil"!!! AWESOME!! ANd what is so great is that BOTH our parents are still with us to celebrate such EVENTS of the Minchew Clan. Children, grandchildren alike...Had a Blast!!
I thank MY GOD every day,  that I was born into the Most Amazing Family!! I truly hope that each of you out there today and this coming week, will enjoy each day and BE THANKFUL!! Blessings, Deborah


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