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Whoa, 2014 is almost here!

Greetings Everyone,

Wow, I can't believe it is almost 2014! Every year at this time,  always say, "this year has flown by", when really, it has still just been 364 days...the same amount every year. The end of this year has given me a lot of time to reflect, especially since I got sick AGAIN, just like at meant all 3 of my children stopped by Christmas morning....quickly did gifts and left...because they didn't want to get sick either. THEN, I was so sick I couldn't go to my Mom's for the annual holiday gathering. BUT, it was okay, because, even though I was sick, I still had my entire family....siblings, children, grandchildren, and my precious Mom and Daddy. As you know from previous post, my Daddy suffers from a rare brain disease called Pic's Disease/Normal pressure hydrocephalus. When he was diagnosed, the doctor's gave us 10 months to 2 years, and well, we have been more than blessed with more, another year…

No Sew DIY Fleece Scarf and Hat! Just in Time for Winter!

Guess What Ya'll? It is getting cold down here in South Georgia...Yep, we have even been having heavy frost of the car windows! That means it is time to pull out all my favorite winter coats, my Uggs, and....that is where I always remember that I didn't buy a new hat and scarf!

So, this year I decided to make my own! I went to several dollar stores, such as, Dollar General and Family Dollar, and our local Big Lots! All of these stores had great prices on cute, inexpensive fleece many designs...that I bought several ! I had searched all over "blog land to You Tube" and found a couple DIY No Sew ways to do this.....

Basically after cutting the tag off....I unfolded the blanket....length wise....realized that I could get about 3 scarves and had enough material to make 3 hats...

Pandora Style Bracelets!

Pandora bracelets are just beautiful...right? But,not everyone can afford a real Pandora bracelet...I know I couldn't buy one for my daughters and sisters and friends like I would like to, so, I discovered at Michael's Craft Store that they sell the bracelets and beads that look almost like the real thing.

I made some for the Christmas in the Cross craft show this past weekend, and had several left....I have listed them on local sites, but, I just had to share the pictures of them.

I hope you like them as much as I do.....I will probably end up keeping a few for myself!

Isn't that red one just a little "saucy and spicy" and just right for Christmas!



Pneumonia and Christmas in the Cross Craft Show!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Well, it has been way over a week since I posted anything....well, "what had happened was".....I had what I thought was the beginning of just a little head cold. But, the next thing I new,I was so sick....coughing, fever, chills....the whole nine yards!

After, several days of this, and much concern from my family, I finally went and saw my doctor. Pneumonia! So, while I knew I was really sick, I also knew I had to get finished with all my holiday crafts for a huge annual craft show held in Waycross every year.....Christmas in the Cross held at our beautiful and historical Okefenokee Heritage Center. One of my sisters came and helped me finalize everything and load up....and we went!

The show was alot of fun....greats vendors.....sales weren't the best, but, the fun and fellowship was awesome! I did realize about 2:00 this afternoon that I had probably overdone it, but, hey, I, I wanted to share some pictures that my sister…

Being a Grandmother at Christmas!!!

Happy December 1st, 2013!!!
Wow, I LOVE Christmas....can you tell? Updated,  my blog with red, white, and green! Have a beautiful twinkling tree and a precious Christmas countdown clock! Yes, I do love Christmas. Some of my happiest memories growing up happened at Christmas....from the time of Santa bringing me Barbie's to the very special time that Santa FINALLY bought my Daddy a "shiny red Schwinn bike" that he had waited on since he was a little boy! I can still see my Daddy pushing it out the front door, hopping on and taking off down our street with his blue and white terry cloth bathrobe flying while showing off his "whitey-tighties"!
When I became a Mother, the holiday took an even more special meaning seeing the holiday through the eyes of my children, but,now I'm a grandmother of two beautiful and wonderful grandchildren.....Kenzley who is two and a half, and Alan, who will be one on the 20th of December! My Heart swells so much just thinking …