Being a Grandmother at Christmas!!!

Happy December 1st, 2013!!!

Wow, I LOVE Christmas....can you tell? Updated,  my blog with red, white, and green! Have a beautiful twinkling tree and a precious Christmas countdown clock! Yes, I do love Christmas. Some of my happiest memories growing up happened at Christmas....from the time of Santa bringing me Barbie's to the very special time that Santa FINALLY bought my Daddy a "shiny red Schwinn bike" that he had waited on since he was a little boy! I can still see my Daddy pushing it out the front door, hopping on and taking off down our street with his blue and white terry cloth bathrobe flying while showing off his "whitey-tighties"!

When I became a Mother, the holiday took an even more special meaning seeing the holiday through the eyes of my children, but,now I'm a grandmother of two beautiful and wonderful grandchildren.....Kenzley who is two and a half, and Alan, who will be one on the 20th of December! My Heart swells so much just thinking of them and the pure unadulterated joy they bring to my life.

So, this morning , to kick off the wonderful month of December and approaching holiday, I thought I would share a few pictures of Kenzley and Alan:
Kenzley's 1st Christmas

Look how beautiful she is!

Alan's 1st Christmas

Look at his pure amazement!

Thank you for letting me share my grand's!



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