It Is What It Is Sunday#2!

Good Sunday evening everyone....

Wow, I almost forgot to post....but, that is what is going on with me this past week. My "sleep clock" has been thrown out the window and run over by the garbage truck!! LOL...I have not been sleeping well at all. I take my night time meds for my Fibromyalgia and a few others, and I get sleepy, and fall asleep, but then on...all bet's are off. I toss and turn until I could pull my hair out.
My hands and arms start tingling....the pain in my neck.....I can't get comfortable! I have a great mattress....but, this is what Fibro does. 

Other than loss of sleep....I have been working on lots of new jewelry....I found a wonderful new place to buy beads....I will be sharing that with you later this week. Basically, it has been a week of realizing that I have to go back to doctor and let's evaluate what is going on with me.

I so hope we all have a great week....



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