Rosemary and Sea Salt Scrub

Happy Tuesday evening,

When my sister, Katherine, and I were in the Keys several weeks ago, we had the awesome experience of using the resorts spa. It was a beautiful and emotionally pleasing place, and the massage I received was wonderful....helped my fibromylagia tremendously! In the ladies changing and shower area, they had all of the spa products for your own personal use, but, they also had a locally made Himalayan pink salt hand and foot scrub. It was a beautiful light pink color and the texture on your hands and feet was very pleasant.

We had seen in several  shops many versions of locally made salt and sugar scrubs....and yes, we sampled every one! So, that got me thinking today. I wear flip flops almost every day.....I have many different pairs.....lots of colors....I love them, but, they are not always the best support for my bad ankle, nor are they best protection for my feet. I decided to try and make myself a scrub with what I had on hand in my home. I used 1 1/2 cups of Mediterranean sea salt I had, mixed with 1 cup of olive oil.....and then to add a fragrance to it, I took some of my dried rosemary hanging in the kitchen and stripped to large stems and chopped the rosemary. i then mixed all together, and if I have to say so myself, it works wonderful!

I'm going to experiment with some different options and may try and make jars for resale, but, until then I will be enjoying this daily on my hands, feet, and elbows! Give it a try!

 I'm really excited about this scrub and really want to work on refining this recipe and making more!



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