NEW Whimsical Women on small canvas!

Happy Wednesday everyone....

Well, after calming down from all the fun I had at my 40th, yes, 40th class reunion, I have been able to get back to blogging. I had received a gift on some canvases from my sister for my birthday and had decided to paint a series of faces on them.

They are simple and cute faces, which I really like....hope you enjoy....

I've been told this one looks like Dana Bash from CNN.......

Now, this one was totally inspired by one of my baby sister's, Kathy, who is just a tad Sassy...

My daughter's girlfriend, Rebecca Marie, can always be seen with a huge pair of sunglasses and as the young girls say, Y'all keep on

And, of course, everyone knows I love my coffee......

Finally, something, just for fun....

I love painting, it brings me much joy and fun. I hope you enjoy them.



  1. I like all of them. They are super cute! :)

  2. I like all of them. They are super cute! :)

  3. Your art is so happy! Makes me smile

  4. Awesome post! I would love to invite you to my new link party The Beautifully Creative Inspired. The party launches every Fridays at 9AM eastern time on 5 BLOGS! It runs until Wednesday night :D Hope you can party with us!


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