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Good Tuesday Morning....

First, let me say to anyone who had family of friends of anyone running in the Boston Marathon that I said a prayer for you last night, and will continue to remember you daily.

Now, since, I had taken a "craft reprieve" and hadn't posted anything for awhile...I had totally forgotten about the "demise" of Google Reader....approaching very quickly. So, I had to go "claim my blog" on Blog lovin....and I now have an icon on the right side of my blog. I ask all of my followers as they update their blogs, that you will take the time to follow me either on Blog Lovin or Google Plus.

And, again, a BIG THANKS to all my followers as you are who have kept me going this past year.




  1. Deborah, I may be on the other side of the world but we are all affected by the events at the Boston Marathon - so random, so horrible. Thinking of all my friends in the US today.


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