Spotlight of the Week: Goodwillista

Good Sunday Morning everyone....I hope that you survived Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and all the wonderful leftovers in the house....I know I did. We had a wonderful time at my Mom's and Dad' mom's great cooking....a visit with a cousin we hadn't seen in years.....and lots' of great memories made.

Now let me introduce you all to my Spotlight of the Week....Danielle from Goodwillista! She is guest posting on Blissful and Domestic this morning and she is a doll. I read her post and went and followed her blog....she is a "kindred spirit"! Her blog is totally set up showing us all how we can dress, decorate, and craft all from using items found at thrift store.

She has some beautiful things and she can be checked out at: So check her out and look at all her wonderful ideas.

And, by the way, do you like Three Dawg Ladys Chrsitmas Blog?

Blessings, Deborah


  1. Thank you for the spotlight!! You are too sweet :)

    <3 Danielle


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