Old Mason Jar Collectors...HELP!!

Hello again....
Late yesterday afternoon I ran to the store for a Coke...yes, I was craving one in that little glass bottle I love.
Anyway, there were some folks in a parking lot having a yard sale. They were packing up and were basically just giving stuff away.

Had a couple boxes that they had marked Free on them....so, while plundering I found what I think is a very old Mason Jar...one of the old blue ones. I've researched all morning...but I still need some help. It is so old that it DOESN'T have the word perfect on it.

Also, has the original zinc lid with porcelain insert....has bubbles in it as if it was hand blown. But, I haven't been able to find anything else about it...or a really good site....so, I'm reaching out to all my finds here....can anyone help.

Blessings, Deborah


  1. Ohh, I like those little glass Coke bottles too!

    Visiting from the weekend blog walk.

  2. My son just saw Santa and the reindeer go across your screen and he was DELIGHTED. lol

  3. While I am unable to help you identify your jar, I can see that you have acquired a very nice treasure! I have a handful of them that belonged to my grandmothers. I didn't do a thing with them until I began to see crafty ideas for their use. Now, whenever I make something, there is additional value because they were once handled by a well loved family member! "Someday" your jar will hold the same status in your family!

    1. You are so right....I was just wanting to find out how much it might be worth....that way I would know whether to use it in crafts...but I already have.

  4. Thanks for visiting my site! I'm returning your follow (via email)

  5. I must keep an eye out for these sorts of jars - could be a great way to present a salad etc. Have a good week.


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