Why Didn't I think of this Earlier????

Over 35 years ago...a man by the name of Paul Tang came to my hometown of Waycross, Georgia and opened   a small Chinese restaurant called Wong's Palace.  To say that it has thrived is an understatement!! It has grown into one of the BEST and NICEST places in Waycross.
Food has always been spectacular...and service superb! I ate there, my entire family always ate there....I took my children there....heck, my father who was a local attorney ate there almost DAILY!!1 Loved the shrimp with lobster sauce!

But, more importantly, Mr. Paul and his family became an integral part of our community...when ANYONE needs equipment for a school....Mr. Paul was there. When a family was in crisis....Mr. Paul was there. When South Georgia had the horribles fires back in 2007 that were on the nightly news...Mr. Paul and his staff  were at the fire check in point for the volunteers DAILY! With water....food for the firefighters....buying batteries for the flashlights that they needed....ANYTHING!!! Mr. Paul and his staff were always there.

Then, about a month ago....Wong's Palace  suffered a horrible fire and shut them down! The structure survived, but inside was gutted. Mr. Paul is doing everything per his insurance to rebuild, but, alas, his wonderful employees have no income at this time....and with the holidays upon us...well, it breaks my heart.

So, finally today, I chatted with a local coffee shop owner and we decided to reach out to the community..we put out the word to get gifts and gift cards to help the employees. I so wish I had thought sooner to reach out to all my friends in the blogging community, but that is okay....it is just so important to me that WE ALWAYS REMEMBER that there is always someone worse off then ourselves....I just wanted to share this with all my friends here in "bloggin land".



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