Prayers for my Daughter

This is something I would not normally do, but I'm asking all my friends and followers to please say a prayer for my daughter, Anna Brooke. She is 33 years old and expecting my second grandchild any day, any second....I have one grand daughter by my son, but this is Anna's first child. She has been very sick through her pregnancy suffering with her diabetes. She was just diagnosed with Severe Edema, and I think the doctor is going to go ahead and pull her from work.

This is the best thing to do, but it will cause an extreme financial problem for her and her husband. As, the way her maternity leave pay works the pay will not kick in until Alan, the baby, is born. The plans for now are for her to stop work tomorrow and be induced next Tuesday, but that will leave almost a week of pay she will not be getting and she needs that.

I told her today, that I knew things would work out for her....I had Faith in my Higher Power to watch over her and help her when she needed it. I will probably be leaving Saturday to go ahead on down there and be with her through the weekend....I will be keeping everyone updated.....but, even though she is my oldest she is still "my punkin", please take a moment and say a little prayer for her...

Anna Brooke and I this Summer on her Wedding Day


  1. Consider it done. Take care and try not to worry too much. All will be well.

  2. Thanks Carole....hopefully will know more tomorrow morning when she goes for her check up. Thanks, Deborah

  3. You and your daughter are in my thoughts, Deborah :-) I am sure everything will work out fine - as you say " have faith " finances can put a lot of stress on someone, especially in her condition, therefore I hope everything will be okay soon.


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