NEW Vintage Red Christmas Purse! Oh My!

Happy Friday everyone...I hope everyone is doing great! Well, I've been working on making more of my precious snowman families.....and I'm loving it and them....bringing them to life....seeing what type of personality they will have....and I'm making a set for my parents....can't wait to finish them.

Sooooo, I took a much needed break this morning and drove out to our new Goodwill store and thought I would just scout around to see what I might me some Goodwill! So, I'm walking and looking, and I turn an isle and there "she" was...right there waiting on me.

A beautiful, RED, real leather purse with working clasp.....from at least the mid to late 50's! I was so excited...I looked around to make sure no one else was looking at her, and I grabbed her!!! Mine, mine, mine! I have been looking for a red vintage purse to use for the holidays. I love vintage purses...heck, I love PURSES! I think that is what caused my divorce years ago....he said "if you bring one more purse in the house I'm leaving"....well he has been long gone and I LOVE MY PURSES!!!! LOL...not really.

So, I brought her home and cleaned her up...and take a look....
She is a BEAUT!!!

So, I'm now sporting her around on my arm.....looking so GLAM!!!

Have a nice evening everyone.....


  1. HI there! I'm Hanna. I found your blog on the Tuesday blog hop. I'm just VERY late:) GREAT BLOG!!!! I love making new friends!! Happy Holidays to you!!! You can find me at

    xoxoxo Hanna

  2. HEY! That purse is incredible!!!!!!


    Danielle Faith

  3. Hey! Stopping by from "What Jean Likes" blog hop...glad I found your blog, now following you! :)

  4. Wowza... she really is a beaut!!! Congrats! I found your blog on the blog hop and am your newest follower. I was hoping that you would stop by and follow me back!



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