Tendnitis and Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome....WOW!

Did I say Wow? Why yes I did......I spent the morning at the emergency room because my regular physician couldn't fit me into her schedule today....sooooo,

starting last Thursday afternoon, I started feeling a painful sensation behind my left knee area. Well, that is the bad leg that is full of metal in my lower leg.....and it hurts all the time. I do walk with a slight limp and on certain days, like when it is cold or when the rain is on it's way, I feel every darn screw and pin and plate! So, when the pain started I just said, oh well, something new to live with.

I had planned on spending the weekend with my son and granddaughter, and didn't feel like anything tooooooo bad was happening....lol....so, i spend a wonderful weekend in Brunswick Georgia and lovely St. Simon's Island.....I played with my granddaughter on the playground...went walking on the pier, and had a wonderful Sunday morning with a friend.

But, my the time Sunday night rolled around and I was back home...well, the pain in my knee was worse and swelling had started. I tried to keep it propped up, kept it wrapped in my awesome heat wrap, but, after battling this all week, I had to seek medical advice. So, ER here I came! I could bore you with how long I sat there...or how nice the staff was....or how good the graham crackers were that they gave me...lol....

But, basically I just must have turned the knee the wrong way last week....I have Tendinitis and Pain under and around the patella(kneecap).....so, I have to stay off of it for about 5 days...but, I have a dog...that has to go out....lol....luckily i was able to get a walker from family...doc wants me to use one...keep knee up as much as possible, and like he said...it will probably happen again!!! 

I have realized I can still get on lap top....yeah.....and I can get to my craft desk....I can't wait to see what these 5 days will produce!


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