It Is What It Is Sunday #3&4

You guessed it....I forgot last, it has been a week for me! Recently, we have had a new neighbor move into our building. It did not take us, the other 4 women that live in my building to realize that this young, 32 year old woman had severe emotional problems. The police have been called on her 4 times in a month! After befriending her Mom, she shared with us that her daughter suffers from Psychoaffective Disorder.

Psychoaffective Disorder is similar to Bi-Polar, but has horrible auditory and visual hallucinations. She sings or yells at the top of her lungs....she is constantly talking to people that are not there. And, yesterday two incidents happened that should have and could have been the help she needs if the police had been called.

She tried to break into a neighbors car, because her boyfriend(which doesn't exist) told her she could crawl inside and be safe from the blizzard. It was 75 degress yesterday here in South Georgia. We, also, learned that she had been caught shoplifting, and the store manager could tel she had problems, so, she just brought her home.

My heart aches for this young woman. She goes to mental health, but someway, she has fallen through the cracks in getting the right treatment for her diagnosis. I ask, that all you, sometime today, say a prayer for this young lady that she might soon get the help she needs.



  1. Oh no, that is so sad. Poor thing, I wish people could get the loving help they need. Sometimes it seems they get "help" that is more harmful than good. I am glad she at least has some nice people looking out for her that care. This is making me cry. I will absolutely keep her in my prayers and thoughts. Thank you for sharing Deborah so she can get some prayers and hopefully the help she needs.


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