It Is What It Is Sunday#5(Really Monday Morning)...Whoops!

Well, guess what I did it again...I forgot to post on Sunday! Does it count that I had been rather under the weather this past week? Will you please give me a pass....okay, now that we have that dealt with.....

Yes, it seems, that although I'm 57, and most days feel 37....this past week a few things caught up with me....and my bad leg decided to get worse. Spent all day Tuesday in the ER, and basically found out that the tendons behind my left knee just wanted a vacation! Had to pull my cane out which I haven't used for years now, as I just walk with a know....("walk this way"....okay, if you aren't a Young Frankenstein fan you will not understand)!

So, after getting neighbors to walk my dog for me....and having them bring me meals....and making myself take it easy...well, I just simply forgot......I hope this week brings you lots of happiness and love.



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