Prime Rib Stromboli! Yes, Prime Rib!

Happy Monday Evening,

Last week was rough! The death of my Daddy last Sunday and the week of preparations took the best out of me, but I was strong for my Mom, siblings, and children. I knew that is what Daddy expected of me as the eldest and I know he would have been proud. But, today, I knew I had to do something....paint something....craft.....or my favorite...cook something. It has been gloomy and dreary and rainy the past day and I awoke this morning to the same thing, so comfort food was on the menu!
I went into kitchen and started opening cabinets and freezers, rummaging around looking, and then eyed the bag in the freezer with the prime rib in it. One of my daughters is a chef at our local country club and she had brought me a container of this delicious and delectable meat one night last week on her way home from work. I had cut a small piece and eaten it but, my appetite just wasn't right last week, so, I froze the rest. So, pulling the bag out and a loaf of frozen bread dough, I went to work.
Thawing and letting the dough rise as per instructions on the bag was the easy part. I placed it in a greased loaf pan in a warm over to rise, while I was preparing the meat. I sliced the meat into strips and placed in my pot and covered it with beef broth on medium heat. I sliced a large onion and placed in pot to let it simmer down. I seasoned with salt, pepper, Old Bay, fresh garlic, parsley, Worcestershire sauce, and finally added a small can of tomato sauce. I let that cook all the way down. 
When the dough was ready, I placed it on floured mat and rolled it out. I then spooned the mixture over the bread and covered that with provolone cheese. I then rolled one side over and then tucked all edges under. I baked it on 350 for about 20 minutes until the dough was turning brown. Right before the dough was golden brown I brushed melted butter on top.....sliced it and served with a salad:

Telling you that this was delicious is an understatement! It was so good, and it was the warm comfort food that I needed today, plus it was a great creative outlet! I will make this again!



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