My Daddy, My Hero Died this morning

This morning at 3:59 am, My Daddy, finally died due to his illness that he had suffered from for so many years. He died, with his 3 daughters, his son-in-law, and my Mama....his love and his wife of 59 years at his side. He suffered not for long....and we let him know that his long and hard fought battle was over. 

It happened quickly and rather peaceful, and I can honestly say, I'm glad for his sake and for my dear Mama, who has been by his side all these years during his illness. I could write more, but, I felt the need to share this with you my friends....and will end by sharing some of my favorite pictures of him.

The first picture is of Daddy and Mama....the second is of Daddy and my oldest daughter on her wedding day......the last two pictures are two of my favorites with Daddy I. So, this holiday season, enjoy and love your family....never take a minute for granted.....and thank you for being here for me.



  1. Deborah,
    My heart is sad for your loss today. Prayers to you and your loved ones during this most difficult time.

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss, Deborah. I'm glad your daddy was surrounded by the loves in his life. Praying your heart and your family's will be comforted by the sweet memories you shared with that special man.


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