Have You Painted Upholstered Furniture?

Good Sunday Evening everyone....

Wow, what a weekend.....had a great yard sale.....had a lot of fun....and with the extra cash, I was able to purchase some new items for my new apartment.  Yeaaaa!

But, I have a question  to all the "crafters, painters, and talented" folks out there. I have a plain old fashioned wing back type chair....it is covered in a chintzy type of flowered pattern.....don't really like the pattern....but, gosh darn....the thing is so comfortable. It "fits my butt" just right...as we say down here in Southern Georgia.  I have seen on other sites, how people can and will paint their cloth covered furniture. And, they always look beautiful afterward...so, my question to you all is...has anyone ever done this? And how hard is it or does it have to be? I have see where you have to use a certain type of paint....then I have see others that mixed fabric softener with water that they sprayed onto fabric, then used regular paint!!!

My poor brain is in over load for reading all the stuff that is out there...BUT...I decided I would come to the folks that know....YOU!!! My followers....so, please anyone...everyone.....I need help with this. I want to get this chair painted before I get moved....so, anyone...."help a lady out"... lol



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