Good Morning Morning...A New Start

First let me say thank to the responses I received on the status of my new move and housing....your kind words meant so much to me. But, I wanted to share something exciting that this whole process will allow.
Because of the way financially I will be better set, this will allow me to set up the little shop I have been wanting to do. It will be inside of another shop...but different.

So, I'm excited that this will allow be to further along the uniqueness of Three Dawg Lady and add so much more....I hope over the next couple weeks I will be able to really get this in motion. AND, I know I count on you, my blogging family and friends for all the much needed encouragement and support that you all give so freely.

Have a great day and Blessings,


  1. Congratulations and wishes for great success on your new shop. I know you will do good!!

    I found your blog via the GFC blog hop and am now following you.

    I do so hope you can visit me back and that you have a great week!




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