I Made It Over 100.....and Painted a Chair Today!

Hi Ya'll.....This is me doing a Big Ole Happy Dance because not only did I make it to 100 Followers thanks to Beth Baumgartner, but.....I made it to 101 Followers thanks to Holly Parper!!!

I can't thank everyone enough for Following Three Dawg Lady Designs as I take this journey everyday with you into the "blogging world", but everyday, I wake wanting to see what my online friends have been up to each day.

Also, today was my last day to paint furniture that needed painting before my move next week. So,   I had this old wing back chair that was in "bad need" of a face lift....so, I painted it today. Two coats of paint mixed with a fabric medium....will have to wait til in the morning to see if it needs one more coat....then I will be taking pics and posting. But, my fibromyalgia has kicked in and I think I need to go and "chillax" for awhile before my favorite program....Elementary...comes on.



  1. Hi, I wanted to stop by and say hi from "Grow Your Blog" Enjoying your blog and I am a new follower. I would love for you to come visit and follow back. I hope you have a fantastic weekend.
    Marcie @ www.IGottaTryThat.com

    P.S. I love the Happy Dance!

  2. Hi, I'm your newest follower! Found you through the GFC blog hop! Haha Congrats on your furniture!

    Follow back? :)


  3. Hahaha have never been celebrated for being follower 101 before, thank you :-)

    Look forward to seeing the pics of the finished wing back chair!


  4. Amazing what a little paint can do, isn't it? :) I'm your latest linky follower, visiting from the Aloha Hop.


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