Miracles still Happen!!

Good Thursday Morning my Friends,

I say Friends....and yes, you all have become my friends over this "almost a year since I started Three Dawg Lady Designs"....every morning after walking Odawg...and getting that wonderful, delicious first cup of Java...I run to the computer to see what all my friends have to say in the blogging world.

I've stated several times before, that I became disabled in October 2008, and this was after several accidents and then my horrible fall in October. I lost my home, and everything I had worked for as I had no insurance when I fell. I had to move back to my hometown of Waycross, Georgia and be close to family that could help me rehab and get back on my feet...albeit, one leg is full of metal now. My parents who are elderly and retired lawyers helped me financially until my disability was approved....and paid all my expenses during this time. 

After, receiving my disability and back pay I was able to move myself and my daughter whom lived with me at the time into a nice rental home that I could afford. I, then started teaching myself my jewelry making and crafting.....and even painting. First,  for fun and something to do, but, honestly, it was to sell and make extra income to make ends meet, and Sell I did and DO!. But, now, I'm 56 and my daughter is 24....and we needed space apart from each other. I don't know about in your "neek of the woods", but down here in Southern Georgia, we have a saying "that there is no home big enough for two women"...lol.....so, I moved in with my sister who was divorced and split bills.

Well, then last Summer, she fell in love and got remarried, and has continued to pay her share of EVERYTHING for me....which was such a great blessing for me. But, it reached a point where I didn't feel good about this, and I had to humble myself and realize I had to make changes in my life. So, I knew there were places that helped elderly and disabled people with housing...so, I found a cute little community in my town and applied.....wellllll....I went and looked at the place yesterday and loved it. It is small....but just right for me and Odawg! And, my rent which will include almost everything will be nominal!

Is it the big fancy house or condo...some of you may even have....No.....is it sitting on the beach or lake, like I would love...No.....but, for me, in my Life right now it will be perfect....and also, I will have more money to buy and make more cute things to sell.....and all the way around...it will be wonderful. So, my dear friends....I had to share my joy and excitement with each of you....please be happy for me and continue to remember me in your thoughts as I start this moving process....



  1. Deborah,
    I'm so happy for you! My best to you as you make this change ahead. What a great way to begin the New Year!

  2. Diane, again you make my Heart swell! From, the begining you have constantly given me encouragement...thanks so much....and I truly feel Blessed.
    Blessings always to you,

  3. What an inspiring story, I wish you all the best in all that you do. I found you on the hop at and I am your newest follower, please check out my blog sometime and feel free to follow back if you'd like :)

  4. Very uplifting. Your positive attitude is infectious. Keep on keeping on!

  5. Just found your cute blog through the blog hop. I'm a new follower. Hope you'll stop by sometime!


  6. Good luck with your new place - I really hope it works out for you and it's the home you want it to be.There's something really great about having your own place I think.

    Thanks for linking up :)

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity


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