I lost my only camera!! Boo Hoo!!!!

I'm so sad and upset. I have misplaced or lost the ONLY camera I had that I used to photograph my crafts with!! Unfortunately due to my financial situation, I did not have an actual camera but had been using a camera phone that a friend had given me. It had been her old phone and it made GREAT pictures and she knew I needed something to use to make pictures of my crafts, so she had given the phone to me.

At the first of October, after moving into my sister's home, since she is getting married....and I love this little house....has the GREATEST little patio , which is just right for me to sit in the morning and meditate.....I have either misplace or lost the camera/phone.

I've looked everywhere! Boxes....in drawers.....in pockets in my clothes....nowhere to be found!  And, financially I just can't afford another camera right now.....getting ready for the new grand baby in December.....I can't even take pictures of the new baby!!!

So, I decided today instead of driving myself crazy, I would craft!!! Made some really cute things, but I can't even show ya'll. I'm so sad!


  1. Oh I truly hope it shows up. That is a pain.

  2. that stinks. here is what we say in our house, "Saint Anthony! Saint Anthony, please come around....something is lost and it cannot be found."
    hope you find it or a replacement!


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