Oh My, Bless her Heart, Honey!

Hi everyone...I'm back! Okay, any "true southerners" out there? Well, for me, I'm "purddy fer south" as we say down here. Waycross, Georgia is home to the Okefenokee Swamp Park....if you have never heard of it before, check it out. But, as my title states....Oh my, bless her heart. If you are from the South, then you have heard this, or even, oh my, have probably said it! Let's see, we have, bless her or his heart.....bless yer heart.....oh dear....honey, or darling, or hey ya'll, or so many others. And that is just the way we talk down here. It is in our blood, who we are. I can't count the times, that I heard Duffy, that was my mom's mom, say Bless her heart! And now, we all say it in our family. Sometimes I hear myself, well, bless their heart. What am I blessing? Their actual heart that beats inside their chest....oh heck no...I'm talking about "their spirit, their life". Oh, there is my daddy's favorite, well, I declare!!! What is he declaring??? is he just "declaring" to the world.....no, he's just shocked! So, today, I go to the grocery store, and as I'm checking out, I see an ole friend of mine.....and we are just a chatting away....Oh honey, so good to see ya....oh my, you've been sick.....well, bless your heart"....lol and I look over and see this woman just staring at me, and I realize she is talking on her cell phone....and I hear her say something about....you should hear these two ladies talking, and I realize she is talking about me and my friend. Ya know, it kinda hurt my feelings when I realized this....but then I just smiled...and thought.....ya know, sometimes ignorance's can't be helped!!! So, this afternoon, I leave you with one of my FAVORITE sayings..... Shut the front door, Jingle my bells, it's almost Christmas time!!! Bye ya'll and Blessings, Deborah


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