I Just Love Working With Clay!

Well, it is a rainy morning here in South Georgia! Which, for me is a good thing....I have recently started working with polymer clay making jewelry, and guess what? I love it! I was worried a little when I first began as to I have horrible Fibromyalgia and my hands are affected, but, amazingly to me, the "kneading" of the clay or "working it" has actually helped me!

I'm still sketching out designs I want to try....as I said before I just love the bright colorful pieces you see with what is called "Cowgirl jewelry".....and I love turquoise! So, I hope to post more pieces soon!

I have to say my favorite is my "Junkin Queen" truck, and I will be making it also in red and turquoise colors....it is so much fun and I do love a good day of "Going Junkin":

Let's hit the road!!!



  1. You have some fun stuff here Deborah! I am from Georgia too :). I grew up right outside of Atlanta.


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