It Is What It Is Sunday! #1

Happy Sunday everyone,

Welcome to the 1st It Is What It is Sunday! I've been thinking for along time that I just wanted to write to everyone sometimes instead of trying to come up with a new craft to share. As, Ive stated before, being on disability and living on a fixed income, can be a strain at times on what I can procure to make into something crafty and unique. 

So, every Sunday I'm going to just let you know what is going on with my life. It may be something I'm working on, it might be one of the many funny and maybe poignant about my family...and there are many! It even just be me sharing with you my feelings on a certain subject. You might be asking why I chose the name It Is What It Is as the title of my little chat sessions? Well, that is a story all about my Mother, Katy. First, she is an amazing woman...she raised us 4 children, which wasn't easy, and worked and managed my Daddy's law offices....which could be rough at times.

You see, my Daddy was one of the most brilliant lawyers ever...he has even been wrote up in law books, and some of his victories are still in the Georgia law books. But, he could be very demanding at times, and being both wife and office manager...well, I don't see how my Mom handled it. I mean, he might get angry at her about something that might not have been done to his satisfaction, but, then on the way home together ask her, "honey, what is for supper"!!! LOL

After, almost 59 years of marriage...4 children through all our ups and downs....8 grandchildren and now 2 great children I don't think there is nothing that can and could surprise my Mother! Whether, it was one of her daughters going through a divorce, and oh my, that is a story for a different of dear family friends, car wrecks, helping children move time after time, wow, the list just keeps going!

So, a couple years ago, while my sisters and I were gathered with our Mother, I think it was during a troubling time, and we had just been talking for awhile, Mother, just looked at us and said..."It Is What It Is"!!! Now, when something is going on within the family and we don't really know how to act or what to say....It Is What It Is has become our stander bearer. With all that said, my Mother is the Rock, the Glue, the Love that holds our family together....she can be tough when need be...but, she can also be the most fun ever....I'm going to share with you my favorite pick of my Mother:

So, please join me next Sunday for It Is What It Is!




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