A New Year....What to do, What to do?

Wow, the new year has come in with a blustery wind and low temps down here in rural South Georgia! I finally overcame the awful "crud" what ever it was that grabbed a hold of me on Christmas Eve and wouldn't let go....but, it gave me "one heck of a ride"!

So, I got around to cleaning off my craft space/desk, and just sat and "pondered" as we say down south, of what I really wanted to work on this year. Whew, all that "pondering" gave me a headache....but, I decided I needed to get back to doing what started me down this whole blogging thing, and that is my whimsical folk art....my jewelry making....my purse making...see, what a dilemma I'm in? I love doing these things, but, then I read or see something that one of you have shared and I leave a project and run to do that!

But, it dawned on me while scrolling through Bloglovin yesterday, that I will NEVER be as talented as some of you, and truthfully, I don't have the budget to buy and have on hand a lot of what some of you have! I just had to face the facts....and the main fact is that I need to stick to what I can do....what I enjoy doing....and what I have the means to do.

With that said, I decided to highlight some of my best pieces and most favorite pieces down by sidebar.....and will be adding more as the year goes along. I do want to get an Etsy store set up, so it will be easier to sell some of my work to a bigger audience when the time comes. 

One of the first things I did when I started down this "crafting/diy" experience two years ago was to paint on old wooden windows....and I created what I like to call "my alter-ego, Ms. Lucy"....she is like me in that she is short....got some "junk in her trunk" like me, but, she can be a little more "sassier" than me and I don't have to get in trouble....so, I thought I would start this year off by sharing her with you:

As you can see, Ms. Lucy is a force to be reckoned with....lol.....I'm looking forward to see what I create and work on this year, and again, I thank all my followers for coming on this ride with me and supporting me and featuring me! 

So, Bring It On 2014!




  1. Hysterical! We should all have an alter ego to paint on a window!!! LOL!

  2. Dear Deborah,

    Never compare yourself to others and never sell yourself short -
    Your magic lies in your uniqueness!

    Best of luck to you on your new venture -
    Thanks for sharing your awesomeness at Inspire Me Monday at

    Create With Joy


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