FUN WITH MY SISTER....always is!!

Good Saturday  morning to everyone. I'm so sister, Katherine and I, are going on a small road trip this weekend. We will be leaving this morning to go down to St. Simons Island and spend part of the day with my son, Kristopher, and his family, so I can wish him a Happy Birthday and also get alot of "sugar" from my grand baby...Kenzley!! Then, driving on down to Jacksonville to visit with Katherine's son, she can get some "sugar" from her oldest...and then driving on down to spend the night in our favorite city...St. Augustine, Fl.....which is where my oldest, Anna Brooke lives.
My sisters and I have a wonderful bond and it is always so much fun when we are witht hat said, I thought I would share some crafts I did that were alot of fun to do...and turned out pretty good. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend....Blessings, Deborah
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Decoupage cigar box
Decoupage metal trash can


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