Thanks to my New Followers!!

Wow...I'm up to 7 followers....Thanks so much everyone. This blog means alot to me...something I've been wanting to do for awhile. I love to tell stories. I have 2 books that I've been writing on for a couple years....I love my crafting...just wish I had more money to buy more things to "fix up"!!  I love my family....and I can a "yarn" as we say down in South Georgia. So, for me this blog is about the "crafting in my Life"...all aspects. So, as you can tell, I'm working on the appearance of the blog. I just keep finding great and wonderful and cute....and oh well, sooooo many things to add and do to the blog. So, you never know what you will find here. As I said over the weekend was a "road trip" with my sister. And we had a blast...."what happens in St. Augustine...stays in St. Augustine" I do hope to post pics later in the day....but I have to go make more JAVA....the Nectar of the Gods.....Love that stuff.   Chat later....Blessings, Deborah


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