LOVE......such a wonderful thing!!

I've been a "bad, bad' girl..I haven't blogged for several days now. First, on Sunday night I spent the night at one of my "little sisters" houses.....Kathy...and we had a "watch the Grammy's-watch The Walking Dead" season premiere. Yes, I love the ZOMBIES...and Rick and Shane aren't to bad themselves!! And yesterday, I just kinda spent the day doing nothing....reading a good book.
So, today I wanted to talk about Love, since it is Valentines know, there are so many types of love. The love a parent has for a child....the love a spouse has for a spouse.....the love a friend has for a friend.....and the love we get unconditionally from our pets. How IT makes us we feel when we aren't around our many things can be said about LOVE.
But, today I wanted to talk about children and grandchildren. I have three wonderful and oh so different children. Brooke, the oldest is my "child of the fairy folk"...she is so whimsical and childlike, and loves the adventure of Life. Katelyn, my middle child is my "child of the world"....she Lives Life to the fullest....full speed ahead...nothing gets in her way!!! And then there is only son. I have to tell you he was named after one of my all time favorite singers and song writers...Kris Kristopherson. Yes, I love me some rock and roll!!! But, Kris was born when I wasn't expecting anymore children and really was afarid to have a child later in life....but, he has brought me such great have all my children.
But, this past June, the greatest Love in my life happened....I became a grandmother. Oh such joy!!! I was there with my son and his girlfriend, Ashley, when our precious Kenzley Aubrie Owen was born.  To see the look on my sons face when his daughter was born...I then knew what my dear mother had she had been when all of her grandchildren had been born. Loving our children even more through our grandchildren.
I sincerely hope that each of you today are so BLESSED to spend time withsome that you love and that loves you. And, in ending today I will share a couple pics of my beloved grandbaby, Kenzley. Blessings, Deborah
Kenzley enjoying her first turkey bone this past Thanksgiving


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