Introducing..."Miss Lucy" alter ego!!

Good Sunday Morning to everyone. It is rather cold down here in rural South Georgia with a crisp blue sky above. I have a big, beautiful and warm fire going in the wood stove....yes, I heat my house with an ole fashioned wood stove!! And I love it!!! There is something about going back to how it use to be.
Anyway, I wanted to introduce yall to "Miss Lucy". But, first let me explain her to you. First off, WAY BACK WHEN in the "ole high school days", I weighed 125 pounds!! But, at age 56, 3 children later, and being only 5' 2" tall....Yes, I'm a "little stump" or as we say in our family...A troll!! You see, my ancestors came from least that's what our Daddy always told us!! But, as well all joke...."he just didn't tell us that they were the trolls that  lived under the bridge"!!! (They really did come from Germany...Munich actually)
So, with that said, I realized along time ago, I would NEVER be that 125lbs young woman I have embraced my "full figureness" as I like to call it.  After seeing another crafter friend paint a character on an old wooden window...."Miss Lucy" just popped into my head. Ms. Lucy can "get into a little a little sassy and sexy" and I don't have to be. LOL!! So, she is a wonderful full figure woman, who is always dressed " to the 9's"...with her signature pearls and turquoise bracelets on", and ALWAYS HAS SOMETHING SASSY TO SAY!! So, here is "Miss Lucy".
"Miss Lucy"
She never shows her face, and I think is because she wants to "be all women"!! She has different styles and sayings and I hope to get her to let me share more with you. I hope everyone has a great day. Blessings, Deborah


  1. Hi, Deborah,:D Nice to Meet Ya! (and Your "alter" Ego Lucy too! Nice Folk Art! My favorite type of Art! I am a "shorty" or "stump" too...So, I feel for ya!"D Look forward to reading more of your Fun Blog!


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