Veggies for Lunch!

Good Sunday Morning,
So, I couldn't sleep this morning, so, I'm up and sharing....
This past week here in Southern Georgia has been a cold one! Now, I know it isn't anything like the rest of the country has been experiencing, but for us, it has been cold! On Thursday, I decided I did not want soup, instead, it was veggies!
The first in the oven was one of my favorite combos....mixed potatoes and onions. Simply prepared....sliced red potatoes mixed with peeled and diced sweet potatoes mixed with onions! Yum! I added diced onions and a generous amount of olive oil and seasoned with some of my favorite spices then placed into oven on 350 and cooked until tender:

 Second, was Fried Eggplant! This was so good....and, again, so simple to prepare. Washed and peeled eggplant that I sliced into thick pieces, since this was going to be my main course. I used garlic seasoned bread crumbs and added some Italian seasoning and creole spices! Good...right! I dredged each piece into milk then into the bread crumbs, and using my "trusty cast iron skillet" fried each piece over medium heat as I didn't want them to cook to fast. I also fried these in olive oil which added even more flavor:

 Finally, I had an avocado that had to be eaten, so, I sliced it and added it to the plate, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed that plate of luscious veggies!

Sometimes, it is these simple and comforting meals that I enjoy the most!


  1. The food looks wonderful! I could almost taste the eggplant and I love the idea of mixing the two kinds of potatoes.

  2. Okay that all looks and sounds really good! I think my kids would freak if that was our entire meal but I could add one or two of those to our meal. Thank you for sharing! And yeah, I live in SoCal (grew up in Chicago), so I totally get the it's cold here but not compared to everywhere else thing :) Thanks so much for linking up with the #bestoftheblogosphere


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