Halloween Is In The Air!

I Love Halloween! My whole family does and we all get involved.....from building fantastic displays which takes weeks.....to having over 500 people come to our annual yard haunt and having police direct traffic, because it got so clustered!

So, this week, while having to take it easy with darn head cold I had....I decided to stop working on signs and crafts for the Christmas show, and make a few fun signs in anticipation of one of my FAVORITE holidays!

 I've already sold one! So excited and I love how cute these turned out! AND, I can't wait to share with you all the spectacular display our family is building this year!


  1. Thanks Judy, but, I realized I had misspelled a word on one of the signs.

  2. I love these fun little signs! I just put out my Halloween decorations today and I really like the whimsical decor over the spooky stuff. These are perfect.

  3. such fun and cute signs! I love them all but the enchanting club is my fav :)


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