Working On A Peace Pole Design!

Woodstock 69 Man! Wow! This weekend marks the 45th Anniversary of the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival, or as some of "ole hippies" call it...THE SUMMER OF LOVE! So much great music came out of that weekend, so, what better project for "an ole hippie" to be working on, than a Peace Pole Designs!! Right!

Peace signs have been around for years...on everything from flags, signs, clothes, glasses, well, on everything if you look you can find a Peace Sign. But, let's talk about the Peace Pole Project, which started back in 2008. The goal of the project was to have a Peace Pole in every city and town across the country, and really, across the world.

On the People Poles from the Peace Pole Project, each pole had the words..May Peace Prevail on Earth written on one side and have the same words written in other languages on the other sides. Over the years, there have many artists who have designed and sold their designs of the Peace Poles. While on vacation several weeks ago, my sister and I saw some of these in a little shop, and well, I feel in love! My brain started working overtime on how I could make my own. As you know, I'm disabled and live in a small apartment, but, hey I love it! But, I have one rather large corner that is dedicated as my crafting space, so, no drills, saws, or other large tools, so, I'm limited on what I can really do.

So, wanting to at least give it a try on coming up with a design, I purchased a piece of poster board....cut into 4 equal parts.....then hot glued them all together.....and then painted designs. I envision them having a little top with wire and hook, where they could be hung from a ceiling or eave outside or even in trees. I took the design to my crafty sister, Rebecca, and we put our heads together and came up with some ideas. So, this first one is a prototype, and hope to be soon be making them. But, here is what I have sop far:


When the final design come into fruition, they will have a sealant on them so they can be outside....some may have chimes in them......but, so far, I'm excited to see what ends being the final design.

Peace Out Man.....Blessings,


  1. These look so fun!

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

    1. Thanks Jessica, I'm still trying to figure out a light weight material and durable to make them out of, but, I'm feeling inspired!


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