Mermaid Rules! Oh My!

Yes, yes, I know, something else about mermaids....but, I can't help it....I love Mermaids and all things beachy and tropical! While on the Internet yesterday morning and looking for inspiration for something new to paint, I saw something like these mermaid rules, but, wanted to make it my own with words that meant something to me, just like I did with my Southern Mermaid and the words that I wrote on that painting.

So, the largest canvas I had at the time was 11x14 and I thought that would be big enough to write a few sayings. 

Play Happy......anybody can play, but, play with a smile on your face and happiness in your heart. Dive Deep and Soar High......Life sometimes throws us for a loop and we feel like we are at the bottom of the pit, so we have to dive deep, but, then we push off from the bottom and burst out and soar high letting nothing get us down!

Sing Under the Moon.....when was the last time you walked out in your yard or porch or patio late at night and just gazed up at that beautiful Moon? Just  stand there and let that light flow over you, and maybe you will begin to hear a song coming forth.  Love A lot........let love flow through you and your life will be much better.

AND, Be the Goddess you women have so many trials and we go through every day from being a parent, a wife, a daughter, sister, girlfriend, lover, what ever role or hat we take or put on...remember, we are all special....never forget!




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