Stuffed Manicotti, My Way!

Good Monday Evening,

So, today I decided to make stuffed Manicotti tubes because, well, I just wanted them. Being single and cooking for one person is still hard for me to do, but, I have the most wonderful neighbors who I can share with....

after checking to make sure I had everything, I boiled my tubes and lhen drained and cooled them as, I wasn't cooking them til tonight. I had made sauce using a half of jar of spaghetti sauce in the fridge and then added a can of tomatoes and some Parmesan cheese in the sauce.

To make my stuffing, I mixed a 16ounce container of Ricotta cheese with Parmesan cheese and some fresh oregano from the garden. Then let that chill in the fridge until I was ready to put it all together.  When I had everything together I realized I didn't have enough Mozzarella to put over the top, so, I sprinkled some Feta cheese to add that extra kick:


It turned out wonderful if I say so myself! The Feta cheese on the top added just the little kick I had hoped for and of course, I had to have garlic bread!



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