Shhhhhhhhh, It is Coffee Time!

Good Thursday Morning Everyone,

Anyone who knows me, friends and family alike, know do not speak to me until that first cup of coffee is down! 

No noise, no opening your mouth.....nothing! Lol....okay, maybe that is a little too serious, but, maybe not! I love that first cup of java....wrapping my hands around that warm cup of brew is the only way I can get the day started.  So, I have painted coffee mugs and wine glasses, but, I have been seeing for years all the cute Sharpie painted coffee mugs. I had read and researched all the types of ways to do them. Some say you can use a regular Sharpie...others say you have to use an oil based Sharpie......some say cure over night, then bake in oven for 30 to 45 many different ways.

I had bought 2 pretty rustic orange mugs the other day at Dollar General Market, and they were on sale for a "buck a piece", but when they rang them up they were only .75cents!!! I had a fine point Sharpie....just a regular one...not oil based. I cleaned them with alcohol....and then wrote my sayings on them. My fibro and nerve pain in arms and hands made my writing larger than I wanted. I then let them set for about 4 hours......then placed them in cool oven, turned up to 350.....after temp of 350 was reached, I let me them for 40 minutes.

 I let them cool overnight. I would suggest that these be hand washed only, but am still going to explore ways to do them. My handwriting is way to large and will have to do the next ones in the morning when my hands and arms are much better:

As I said my handwriting is way to large and I will have to work on that....1st one.....Shhhhh, almost, now you may speak and 2nd one....don't even think about it, one or two words, conversation is now possible.

Enjoy and Blessings,



  1. Love!
    Stopping by via Friendship Friday.

  2. Cute sayings! Cute mugs! I hadn't really thought to do this before. Thanks for the inspiration! Have a wonderful day!


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