Suave Rosemary Shampoo and Condiitoner.....Just my Opinion

Greeting Everyone,

Okay, first let me say company asked me to give my opinion....thoughts are all my own.

So, I remember when I use to go to the beauty shop/salon at least once a month. Especially, when I owned my own business or when I was working in the medical field and could afford to go all the time. I was always so excited when it came time, and they called me back.....cause I knew it was  time to relax. Right? You lay your head back in the bowl.....and the warm water is applied....and then shampoo.....and I don't care what anyone says...getting your hair shampooed at the salon feels better than when you do it yourself!

And then, they rinse and applied a great conditioner and your hair always felt so good,,,right? It felt clean....refreshed.....just great! But, what I remember the most about those times is how clean my hair always felt and how wonderful it smelled. Well, this week, with a coupon in hand, I was at my local Kroger and bought the new Suave Professionals set of the Rosemary and Mint shampoo and conditioner. Since, my hair is very short, I don't wash my hair everyday, but every other day. So, tonight I get in shower and I used the products....Wow....I'm not kidding.....I could hear my hair how squeaky clean it was, and the conditioner was FAB!!! Smelled wonderful.....and did not make my hair feel weighted down.

This is the set I bought:

I think I will continue to use this......why don't you give it a try!



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