Sprucing Up My Desk!

Good Morning from a dreary and rainy South Georgia....

It has been raining since last night....although, my poor doggy doesn't like to get his feet wet and acts like he is a purebred....we really need the rain.....so, I can not really complain.

As, I have shared many times....my small, one bedroom apartment doesn't give me that much room to have a craft room anymore like my house did....so, I work and create at my desk. But, this week, while I was cleaning out my huge storage closet, I ran across my box of empty coffee cans and mason jars. I have been wanting to decorate some of the cans and jars to hold all my paint markers and paint brushes. So, guess what I did?

Simple and painted cans and jars, can certainly add a little bit of color and happiness to a dull spot......

I just love them and they did exactly what i wanted and that is when I sit down at my desk...I smile!



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