Music In Our Home!

Happy Tuesday...
Wow, yesterday was my 59th birthday! I can't believe how blessed I have been in these 59 years and how sometimes, something in our life happens, and a whole new life opens up, and that is what happened when i became disabled. As, I've shared before, I had to have a way to supplement my income, and this whole new life of jewelry making and becoming a self-taught whimsical folk artist happened....and I love it!
I love music and it has played an important part of my life....from going with my Grandmother Minchew to a primitive church way out in the country and listening to those folks lift their voices to the Heavens......or when I fell in love with Davy Jones of the Monkeys and discovered Rock n' Roll!!!!!! But, the most precious memories of are my Daddy playing, or as we called it, "plunking a few chords on the geetar"! He knew how to play "pretty darn good for a lawyer", and he taught my brother, Dickie, to play also. We would travel far and wide to bluegrass festivals, or barbeque's where there would be music.....or just sitting at home listening to Daddy and Dickie play. As, the years went by and Daddy became sicker, my brother and cousins would come and play for him. I also have a nephew, Dante, who is a consummate vocalist and musician and has had several bands and won several awards......Oh, how I love to hear that young man sing.....So, with all that in mind....I searched the web and got several ideas and grab some from here and there.... that shows my love of music and memories in our home....but, first, I want to share with you one of my favorite pics of my Daddy doing what we called, "pickin and grinnin"....
Isn't that just the greatest!!! So, now with all that in mind, here is my funky guitar painting:

I so loved doing this painting, while thinking of Daddy and all the others in my family that music has played an important part of their lives.



  1. What a beautiful story and painting!

    1. Thanks Alison....when Daddy died in December, the only music that was played, was bluegrass guitar music!

  2. Dear Deborah,

    I'm a long-time fan of your blog, your writing and your art and I truly appreciated everything you shared today! I really feel like I got to know you so much better after reading today's post! :-)

    I love your art and this may be my favorite piece to date!

    Be sure to join us for Friendship Friday this week as you are our special guest of honor! Congratulations on being our Friend of the Week! :-)

    Have a blessed weekend and Happy Birthday to you, dear Deborah!

  3. P.S. If you are on Twitter, please let me know - I didn't see it on your sidebar (but could have missed it) - thanks! :-)

    1. No, I am not on phone is just not the best for it!

  4. Visiting from the feature at Create With Joy on Friendship Friday. Cool painting. Wonderful painting and memories of your Daddy. Happy Belated Birthday (it was my father's birthday on the 27th as well!)


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