Embrace Your Inner Gypsy!

Happy Monday Everyone,

Gypsy...bohemian....wild.....eclectic.....yes, that side we all have where we want to put on a long skirt and colorful gauze blouse and layer with a fringe shawl and lots of necklaces and go out side and twirl! Well, okay, maybe that is stretching it and we do not have to put on the necklaces, because while twirling they might hit us in the face! lol

I'm talking about that side of us where we can put feathers in our hair and even add some beads.....I know for me, my gypsy side is that person who wants to explore new places.....meet new people.....just Stand in Awe of Life!

 So, sometime soon, take a moment for yourself and step outside and still your heart and soul, and let your gypsy soar!



  1. Amen! My husband tells me all the time I should have been a Gypsy. I ask what he means should have been, I am a Gypsy at heart! I love your painting, she is so alive!


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