I should have made a tutorial about how easy it was to make this, but hind sight is 20/20...right? But I got this idea from Erica the creator of P.S. I made this. I had seen her on Rachel Ray last week and this was one of the crafts she made and I just fell in love with this.

First, I went and bought a pack of shelf paper from the Dollar Tree here in Waycross and yes, it was a dollar!! Love that place. I already had several rolls of duct tape from another project. I went to Apple.com and got the dimensions of an I Pad. I don't have one but my sister does and that is who I made this for.

I measure the size of the IPad width size and then folded it in half. The I measured enough for the  fold-over flap for the top. I then took my duct tape and started wrapping it around. Then did the flap on top. Adhered Velcro for the closure, and WHAM an IPAD cover that is very snazzy!! Tell me what you think. My sister loved it when I gave it to her today. Next time I will try and make more pics. Blessings, Deborah


  1. Oh your sister will love it, wish we had the cool duct tape here, we only get the boring colours


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