Do you Dream Big?

Good Saturday Morning everyone.  I guess this morning I'm feeling a little down...maybe even feeling alittle sorry for myself. DO you ever dream that you were meant to do something BIG? Like start a business....I've had several of those....or write a book...yes, I have several of those in the works. Several years ago I had a freak accident, fell down some steps helping a friend have a yard sale, and broke all the bones in my left leg...had pins, plates, screws put in. Lot's of pain. In the process, found that from an accident many years ago and then the fall, I had herniated, bulging disc in my neck and back.....lost my home on the island where I was living, and had to move back home to my hometown.
Then was declared "disabled" to work full time...and had to find a way to "make ends meet", and well, found all you guys and started crafting, painting, etc. Became a blogger and learned what I could from all the more talented folks out there. I struggle every day to try and be a good person to my children, to my family, to humanity, and to myself.
Last night my best friend, who I had not seen in 6 months came over from the island, and visited. He reminded me in his words....."of all the people I had helped in my life"....and reminded me to never stop dreaming......he had not see my art work before, and after looking through it, he noticed one of my window paintings....and said , Deb you need to put that where you can see it every I wanted to share it with you again today....thanks for allowing me to share this with you this morning...Blessings, Deborah


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