Do you FEEL the RAIN? Folk Art Painting

I have a secret......yes, I do. I LOVE, LOVE, playing in the rain!! Do you hear me? I can hear the rain start to fall and something pulls me that way. I guess it comes from being a little girl and we didn't have a pool. So, mom and dad would hook up the water sprinkler and away we would go. Running with our arms up in the air and yelling and squealing, thinking that it was the best thing in the world. So, when a typical "south Georgia rain shower" would come along...and of course no thunder and started to let us play in the rain. A couple months ago, my daughter who is 23 lost one of her very best friends. It was so tragic and affected these young people in such a hard way. And he was a precious young man, so I went to the funeral with all of them. At the grave side, it started to rain. I had gone back to the van and watched as it started raining harder. All of a sudden I heard one of the young men that were there yell..." Ok Justin make it rain". and well, it started pouring. All the young people just started laughing and running and dancing in the rain. As I watched all of them dancing in the rain, I thought, Yes, Justin this is what Life is all about...Keep on Living and Feel the Rain. So, I took my sandals off and got out of the van and lifted my arms and started dancing. So, in honor of this dear young man, I painted this picture to make me remember to Feel the Rain. I hope you enjoy it. Blessings to you, Deborah


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