Tried My Hand At Coloring Mason Jars

Well, I have done a few colored mason isn't as easy as I thought!! But so far so good. I want to try some different colors this weekend. What do you think of these.....
Don't look at all the other mess!!
Looks okay???
Glue stil drying

Have a great Friday!!  Blessings, Deborah


  1. love the look; how is it done?

  2. I searched several places before I found the ONE I thought I could do. Take 2 large spoons fulls of Mod Podge and place into bottom of jar. Then mix in a seperate bowl about a tablespoon of water with the color of food coloring you want. Mix that and then pour into jar. then carefully slowly slant jar until on spaces are covered. I let it dry upside down for 10 mins...then place in a warm over for about 10...then turn right side up for about another 20 or so....then let cool off.


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