Dreaming of Coffee!!

Happy Monday Everyone....

I had a glorious weekend celebrating my beautiful granddaughter's 3rd birthday! My what a huge time we all had.....and so Blessed that my sweet Daddy....GDaddy for great granddaddy was again able to be with us and witness such a special day.

Over the weekend I also finished another one of my funny whimsical, folksy paintings. I have a friend who still lives down on the coast of South Georgia on one of our beautiful Golden Isles and she loves coffee as much as I do. Every morning she post to my Facebook page a funny coffee picture and I know sometimes my other friends say...what is it with Deborah and her coffee.

Well you see I'm addicted to coffee....plain and simple.....as I've shared before....I've been clean and sober from my drugs of choice for years...but I do smoke occasionally...yes I know I need to stop...but hey I'm being honest with you my friends.....but don't ever ask me to give up my JAVA. I sometimes lay in bed at night thinking how nice it will be to awake the next morning and smell the coffee. As I've mentioned before...I use to own a coffee shop down on St. Simon's Island and grew to love it even more. But my love of coffee goes way back....i can so remember my Granddaddy Minchew who lived on a farm...pouring his coffee into a huge saucer and slurping it down....or on those special times when my Daddy would take me to the local news stand with all the men sat and discussed business before they went to work....and seeing all of them sitting around with big white mugs in their hands....or my Mom, who loves coffee as much as I do wrapping her hands around that cup of "blessed brew" to help give her that kick start to get herself going again for another day of taking care of my Daddy....

Anyway, I was watching TV the other night and saw a coffee commercial and thought of a cute idea for a painting. So here she is......The Coffee Dreamer.....

Yes all my family and close friends....even my precious Odawg knows....do not talk to Mom before that first cup!

Blessings to you all,



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