My Funny and Silly Painted Rocks!

Happy Hump Day....

Well I don't know about how the weather is where you live but down here deep in rural Southern is HOT!!! Staying inside and just "puttering" around the house.....I had plans with one of my daughters but those plans fell through, and thought, what can I work on today?

My neighbor and I had recently added a small rock garden in our mutual flower bed. I need to take some pics of that and will later on, but while standing outside this morning and gazing at all the pretty white rocks.....I said to myself...Self.....we have never painted on rocks why don't we give it a try.

So I picked 5 rocks and brought them inside and started, that is of course after I washed them off very well. I wasn't sure what I was going to paint, but they all got painted.....let them set in the hot sun and they dried quickly....sprayed them with some sealant I had on hand, and now I have some funny painted rocks:

Now these are my first ones, and I really need bigger rocks like river rocks....flat and smooth. If I was still living up in North Georgia i could find them everywhere....and all Lowe's has is bags of this size.....but I'm going to keep trying......who knows what I will paint next?




  1. Deborah, I loved your rocks, especially the faces. So cute. I have painted rocks with my granddaughters before. They have them as door stops. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie


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