Gosh, I've Missed Everybody!

Happy Monday Everybody,

Gosh, I feel like I have not posted in FOREVER! But, I have been trying to rein in my Fibromyaglia......spending time with my family......working in my garden......and basically taking care of me for awhile. I haven't painted......have made no purses....nor any jewelry.....just reading some great books.....watching some tv....enjoying my grandson......taking it easy.

My new doctor has me on a new regime of meds for the fibro and so far so good.....but, still have alot of residual break-through pain and numbness in my arms, but slowly getting better.

BUT, while taking this time to myself, I have been thinking of more ideas I want to pursue, so I hope to start on a few things tomorrow and hope to be back to my smiling self.....

AND, as you can see from the shirt I have on in the picture....it is almost time for some GEORGIA BULLDOG FOOTBALL!!




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